Sean made the discovery at his home, totally by accident. He told his friend Joe, who passed on the information to the head of the local beekeepers association in county Galway. Sean was invited to present his findings at the local hall. Word had obviously spread because over 1000 people showed up, beekeepers, professors, reporters and even the KGB and FBI had representatives there disguised as beekeepers (only ones wearing full beekeeping suits!). The usefulness of bees that could hear was obviously very lucrative. The presentation has cancelled on safety grounds by the hall owner as there were only 14 chairs. It was rescheduled one week later in Trinity College Dublin. When Sean went out on stage there were over 5000 people in attendance. He started by introducing his bee, who was kept safely in a match box, as Kate. Not a sound from the audience. Next he told Kate to fly around the room one time and sit back on his shoulder. Amid slight murmurs from the crowd she did exactly that. Next he told her to turn off the lights in the auditorium. She did! A definite round of applause from the crowd. Next Sean told Kate to bring to lift the empty box of matches across to the other end of the stage. Amazingly, even though it was over 500 times her body weight, she did. Standing ovation from everyone. The KGB agent still dressed in the bee suit offered 5 million euro, the FBI agent offered 10 million. Sean put up both hands to hush the crowd. He said that his scientific hypothesis was almost proven and that financials could be discussed later. So for his finale he asked Kate to fly dance an Irish Jig. With Sean accompanying her on the accordion she executed every move perfectly, landing daintily on the match box and bowing to the audience. The crowd went wild. How did you train her? How much is she worth? Is she the only one, are there others? The questions were being shouted out. Sean again put up both hands. Dead silence. He said this was the last one of his bees. He then carefully lifted Kate onto the palm of his hand and then broke off both of her wings. Sean said fly around the room. Nothing happened. He said to turn off the lights. Nothing happened. He told her lift the matchbox. Again nothing. He told her to dance the Irish Jig. As before not one movement from Kate. There were murmurs from the crowd. Sean declared, Proof that when you remove the wings from a honey bee she goes deaf.