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Josh, I sell nutra Bee pollen sub at my shop here in Calif, we load other keepers trucks with sub using the swinger 1K machine, out of dozens of keepers that have jumped on the 1k at my shop your the only one with those veiws.

P.S. The one quote I here most is, I should-of bought the 1k.

Keith, I think your tripping over my usage of the word easy. There are many bee keepers that think it is easy to get into their bobcats. It is if your comparing that to getting into a crane. I was simply pointing out that it is more difficult to get on and off on the drivers right side of the 1k than the turbo. Swinger did not design it for you access it from that side(although you can). So some people may not care(we were actually planning on purchasing the 1k despite these inefficiencies)if it's a little harder and some may never use that side but we do and we do it a lot to make it a difference for us.

"P.S. The one quote I here most is, I should-of bought the 1k."

And remember, those bee keepers were comparing the 1k to the turbo, not the XRT. Comparing the 1600 to the 1k is like trying to compare the turbo to the XRT(at least from what I've seen, but I admit that I haven't test driven the XRT yet.)