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Thread: 1st Extacting?

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    Hey Everyone; This is my fifth year with the Hobby and will be my first at extracting my own Honey.
    I have three Hives. During my last inspection it looks like I should be harvesting about five Mediums.
    Will be purchasing the Maxant 1100P model.
    My Question is concerning decaping. I am really considering using my Heat Gun. At least for this first time.
    I really need to do the Process inside my house. I do not have an area for a large sink type de cap unit to Use under a cap removal knife, straining area etc.
    Plus I'm a little gun shy with using a Knife, never used one for this, I have only seen it done a few times and do not want to have a Disaster.
    Any suggestions regarding using a Knife vs Heat Gun for a first timer?
    Should I go with a knife, are there any cap catch units available that are small, portable to get the Job done the right way?

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    See this thread for a homemade, inexpensive, easily portable uncapping tank ...
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    I know someone that did it for a long time in a large cooler that he owned. When he was done for the night just close the lid. Put a board under the one end to drain the capping of honey.

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    The rubbermaid totes nest. Drill some holes in the upper one and you have a nice capping station.
    I have a long knife that I sharpen with a steel. Using a sawing motion I can uncap with that cold knife as quickly and as neatly as any method and I've tried several. The heat gun is cool but is a waste of time imo. (I tried it on the knife and to uncap both)

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    Use a regular dinner fork and just scratch the caps open. Quick and easy.


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