I am teaching a summer course this year - essentially an introduction to hobby beekeeping through our University. The summer session doesn't start until 28 May. My plan was to introduce students to beekeeping through immersion - they will build their own equipment, install their own packages and manage their own hives as part of the 'lab' portion of the course (there will also be a separate lecture).

The trouble is, the class won't be ready to receive packages until early June (ship either 4 June or 11 June). I haven't found any suppliers who are willing or able to provide June package bees in this time frame (probably somewhere between 3 and 10 packages).

Does anyone have any sources or know of any suppliers who might be willing to fill this sort of order? We are in North Dakota, so as long as the bees weren't being shipped from the deep south, I don't think that temperature should be a problem.