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    Default Looking for time abroad

    Hi all!

    I'm a Dutch guy, have been living in France for over two years now. Since september I study English at the university in France (distance study). To get my degree, I have to go abroad in an English speaking environment for at least 3 months (during the 3 years of the degree).

    At the same time I'm starting this year with beekeeping. From monday on I will be a happy owner of 13 beehives. So the thing is that I have to stay with my bees during the summer, then I will have the possibility to go abroad during the winter.

    So what I was thinking about:
    When winter starts in France (or at least; from the moment the bees won't leave their hives) I will go abroad to the southern hemisphere. Hopefully somewhere I can get a job for three months as a beekeeper (or internist).

    So now I would like to ask you guys some advice. Do you know places to go to? Countries/cities/anywhere the beekeeping season is during the winter of France (say, from september till february)? Enterprises, small or big, local beekeepers, research centres.. Anywhere I can learn more about bees and where I can find myself in an English speaking environment..

    Thank you so much!


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    Default Re: Looking for time abroad

    I'd recommend talking to the Australians or South Africans. I know both of those countries are still in service of the Crown (British Protectorates; thus English Speaking) and quite truly in the southern hemisphere. Being as I'm in the Northern Hemisphere, however, I think that's about all the help I can give you.

    Good Luck

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    Default Re: Looking for time abroad

    Australians speak a dialect of English... And New Zealanders as well.
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    Default Re: Looking for time abroad

    Not Southern Hemisphere, but how about Belize?
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