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    Default bee hauling and seasons

    I am currently not raising my own bees. Instead I have gone back onto the road driving truck OTR regional at the moment.

    My plans are to get my own authority and run my own truck and step deck. Last week I was approached and asked if I would be interesting in driving one and what I thought about hauling bees.


    What are the bloom schedules for the commercial folks. What states, when, where and how many do you have to move.

    The truck I am looking at should be able to haul 47K lbs. At 110 lbs per hive body, that would be about 427 hives on 24 pallets.

    We currently are in central Minnesota and have loads it looks like going to Bakersfield Ca weekly if it works out. Not to say that this truck can't go other places.

    Not sure how much we can do this spring, he's on a load now to Bakersfield and returning with a load of bees to MN this week. If things work out, will have at least one truck available come fall.
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