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    Default Posting pics for Sqtcrk

    I was posting some pics of Mark B.'s honey van and truck... everything seem fine until I posted 3 pics in one post.... no problem I know the rule - 3 pics per post. So I did a reply and and uploaded one more file, when I get the message - "No more than 3 pics per post". Do I need to interpret this as "No more than 3 pics per thread"?? If so it is not clear to me... as I had already post 5 under the thread... My Honey Van.

    Maybe someone would clear this up for me....

    UPDATE: Guess one can forget the above... as BS seems to have gone back to operating as advertised.
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    Default Re: Posting pics for Sqtcrk

    I took the "max 3 per post" restrictions off. Should work fine for you now.
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