The Fall flow is on around these parts.
While in Vermont, Mass, RI and New York it's been hard seeing their goldenrod blooming and ours wasn't ready yet.

It's been a busy summer for me balancing the new part-time job and winding down my portrait business and haven't been able to check on the bees very often.

In the beginning of August I discovered one colony to be starving. Bees were crawling on the ground all around the hive and seemed barely able to move.
This same colony about 10 days prior had honey and seemed in good shape.
I immediately gave them three frames of honey and reduced their entrance down to a small hole.
They bounced back within 36 hours.
Started checking the others and found several that were also out of stores but weren't starving.
Started feeding them 1-1 syrup to hold them over till the fall flow started.

Around the same time, one of the Nucs (which was in 2 deeps) was full of capped supercedure cells. Maybe 15 or so.
I've had more problems with queens this year. None of the queens I tried to get started survived to start laying so I was preparing myself to write this colony off and maybe do a combine with two other hives.
This colony also needed syrup and took about 4 gallons.

Left them alone and didn't do an inspection till today. Much to my surprise I've got a brood pattern with eggs and larvae. Amazing, it worked I guess.

All six colonies in the home yard are doing well and finally look like they are supposed to in Spring.
With the syrup, they started drawing more comb and are filling it with nectar.
Found the marked queen that came with a package that I purchased in Spring of 2012. She looked huge!

Hope winter isn't as bad as what some are trying to predict it will be.