Planning on having nucs again Allen if all goes well but unsure on bred queen's. Extra Cells' for sure when I requeen my own colonies but unsure on queen's as of yet. I'm gonna say maybe at this point and not lock myself in but if your willing to take some in a batch of several or work around my schedule I'd be more inclined to do it. Lot of work raising cell's to replace them and not really worth the effort for one or two. I'm just not set up to produce queen's other than for my nuc's and requeening full size colonies with cell's. Not sure on the fate of my last Glenn breeder queen should be checking tomorrow but regardless if she is replaced I'm gonna just pick my best to produce from for early May. Glenn retired so no more breeder's available from them. VP may be where I go next year for breeder's. Also if you can catch cage some it would also be easier on me.

I will say I've gotten a lot of queen requests from nuc buyers this year.