Just looked into my brood box and the second deep was fairly empty. Very little honey on the edges and scattered pollen, but the brood cells were mainly empty (I'm not good at recognizing eggs). Every frame felt light, but there were a few scattered capped cells and a few scattered larvae (I mean numbers under 10 for any single frame). I did not look into the first deep. 2 weeks ago, the bottom 2 brood boxes were completely full, textbook capped brood & stores. I pulled five frames from the honey supers and left five plus another super that they had already started. Last week, the honey super that had 5 full frames of honey had half the honey replaced by capped brood so I placed a queen excluder between the supers and the brood boxes. This week, the capped brood is open in both the honey supers and the top brood box but neither the honey nor the brood seemingly being replaced. Should I be concerned? I guess I could tear into the bottom box to see what that looks like but wanted to limit the intrusion (I may have already done too much). We have been getting a lot of rain.

The empty brood frames were dry and not 100% covered with bees (maybe 50%) if that sheds any light.