I go out and check my bees a few times a day to see what they are up to. I have a fairly established new hive from a nuc I started this spring. They have been slow but recently responded to feeding and pollen patties I have put on them. They are regular pollen foragers. Since we are down to crepe myrtles and assorted wildflowers pollen is pretty much a light yellow right now. The big news is that my cut out from July fourth weekend has been super dragging and I worried I would lose them to starvation. I moved my ten frame in hive feeder over to give the original hive a break and I put a quarter of a pollen patty on them this past Thursday. I have not seen them forage much of anything until today. I finally caught sight of a forager returning with the light yellow pollen. That's a relief as I worried they would dwindle down to nothing and dead out. Maybe I can get them through the winter but I do plan on moving them to a five frame nuc.