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    Default Moving from KTBH to Warre?

    I read the thread on moving from Lang to Warre:

    I couldn't find anything on moving from a horizontal TBH to a Warre. Since the TBH has a solid bottom, there's no easy way of letting them build down. Do I have to chop and crop the comb to Warre dimensions?

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    Default Re: Moving from KTBH to Warre?

    Probably, unless you make a smaller TBH that fits the dimensions of a Warre and stack them. Doesn't sound very sturdy, but might be worth trying. I guess the question is do you still make it a trapezoid? If you don't the bees will spend some time just extending the combs they have. If you keep it as a trapezoid you will also have to make sure the top of the Warre box is covered if the TBH bottom isn't as wide as the Warre box. I don't think it's a bad idea. I may go out and buy some plywood and give it a try. A seed comb down in the Warre box would probably help with the process.

    Otherwise a chop and crop would work. Would be easier than doing it with a Lang.


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