I'm not sure what's going on with Ted Kretschmann. He is basically the only remaining commercial operator in Alabama, though the Normans I understand are back in business in north Crenshaw County. Ted was not at this year's Association meeting in Montgomery, at least I missed him if he was there. Looks like he hasn't posted since July 2012. He started beekeeping when he was 9 years old and worked up from a single hive to several thousand. He was president of the Alabama Beekeepers Association back in the early 90's(?). He certainly appears legit in what he has done and who he is. I'm not sure about his relationship with Russell though it seemed they did have some inside business "doings" at one time or another by some conversation in the forum. As for getting into something crooked with Russell....I don't think Ted would risk his reputation on a crackhead sissy scheme like RRussell put together. I just hope there is nothing wrong with his health or whatever that has stopped him from posting and going to the meetings.

...and you're right, Jim...I don't know Ted that well, but I know that he will speak his opinion on things.