I'm just relaying the little that I've experienced in regards to the RA situation. I'm sure there are some good folks at some (if not all) of these "sub" producers. I wish them the best success...for them and the bees. It does cause pause for thought in regards to taking on a business name that does have some bad publicity associated with it. Russell had/has some good genetics and with the dwindling gene pool that we have it would be a shame to lose those. Time will settle things out with RA and the RA-subs...either there will be a customer base for them or there won't be. I would imagine time will also smooth over the rough waves that have been associated with RA. Whatever the case, I hope the genetics aren't lost.

In retrospect, it would have been better for Russell to have started out selling to the small beeks through subs rather than directly...I don't think we would be seeing the anger (anti-RA) or elevated defensiveness (pro-RA) that we are seeing from those people even vaguely involved.

The "anit" and the "pro" crowd are simply responding in turn to how they have been treated...either "you screwed me, I'm against you" or "you did ok by me, I'm for you". Beekeepers should not be this divided which makes me (getting a little out of neutral area) look at what has caused the division.

The bottom line to me is that if someone owes someone something, be it money, bees, apology, forgiveness, whatever..., then that "something" should be paid to the person that it's owed to. If that person refuses to pay that debt then they themselves affix the label of crook or thief or simply lowlife scumbag to themselves...it's their choice.