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    I ordered two queens back in early spring. I have a very detailed e-mail chain with Victoria where I have asked for a refund and been ignored or it was blamed on "new hire" as to why they were not responding back to me. I literally have 11 e-mail requests into them asking for the queens or a refund andhave two responses back from them - so my claim is well covered. Should a mod need the documentation to verify my claim Russell has the customer service skills of a goat and that they appear to have made a decision to steal my money - I will be happy to forward my e-mail trains to them. Where I come from - keeping someone's money without supplying the good or service defines stealing.

    Edited to say that I went through my e-mail chains with them and had one response on 6/23/12 saying "We are still a bit behind in shipping but hopefully we can get them out in the next week or so." These queens were to be delivered early June - I was fine with them going out in July as I understand we don't control how many, or when, queens are available. However, no queens and no response until late August.

    My next response after numerous e-mails was from Victoria on 8/23/12 where she blames the lack of response on "While we were training the new staff the emails piled up too much for us to try to work with, so we are starting fresh." She also wrote "We have an operation in PA that can send your queens over to you. Let me know and I will transfer the info to that office." I told her I couldn't use the queens and wanted a refund as the queens were supposed to be delivered in early June. Have sent multiple e-mails (with the one today being pretty rude as I am about fed up) without any response since 8/23.

    So - in total - I have 13 different e-mails requesting info with them. Dates are 6/1, 6/6, 6/26, 6/26 (a different one), 7/26, 7/30, 8/21, 8/21 (duplicate on the chance the earlier one got "lost") 8/23 with a response from Victoria and a response back to her asking for the refund, 8/24, 8/27, and two on 9/11 with the last one being my rude e-mail.
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