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    Quote Originally Posted by Vance G View Post
    Does proactive mean not expecting UPS employees to do the job they are paid for? I will never forget the first time i heard that word. We were supposed to be Proactive in eliminating Buzz Words from our official correspondence! Of course that was a guvmint job during the Clinton Administration.
    Ever heard the saying "Trust, but verify."?

    I'm just telling you what I do when I am expecting queens in the Mail or via UPS. When I invest thousands of dollars into something as fragile and important I do what I can to ensure successful delivery.

    But, if you want to depend on others doing their job, well, what can I say?

    Okay, a number of you don't like the word "proactive". What word would you like to be used to describe doing what one can to ensure successful delivery of queens?
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