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There is no doubt RA knows and practices genetics and has for a long time. No doubt anyone can get in over their heads farming and when changing their markets.

Many RA supporters know business the way RA knows bees. I have no doubt that business advice would be freely given if it would be accepted.

Continuing to take orders without fair notice of delivery may be a matter of poor luck or business planning in the short term, in the long term it becomes a matter of ethics. Maintaining high ethical standards is harder and harder as the pressure mounts, easy when things are easy.

Leaving your friends and supporters in an uncomfortable position for so long is at best grossly oblivious of them.

It is sad for RA, his supporters, Beesource and the community as a whole.

Myself, if I ever receive queens or a refund I will consider it found money.
Salty ...very well said . The simple biz advice is as it was last year , hire someone to pick up the phone . Taking orders with out delivery is criminal. This thread just wont die , i really wish it would . Sadly a couple times a week someone adds to it , no bees . My order was for early May , payed for last June for all that are late on this topic . My advice is this , if ya need a queen check to see if they have them ready to ship . My dealings with Zia, http://ziaqueenbees.com/ . Kelleys https://kelleybees.com/Products/#cat...35363536653733 . Ask for the hygienics . Furgesons http://www.fergusonapiaries.on.ca/index.php .. OK ,,,ordering a couple queens off this guy is worth the call . He will talk your ear off , he digs talking about bees . Then theres this guy http://www.beesource.com/forums/show...118-Vsh-queens . He picks up the phone too . Im pretty happy with the queens i got off of him , and everybody i listed . Drama free . Every one backs up their bees , they pick up the phone ,,,or return e mail. Just as i was gonna add fuel about Bob selling Canadian Buckfest when hes in Ms i go to pull a link and his page is down . Just me or is Russells page down ? Yea im real shocked.