I'll add my .02 experience because at this point I'm getting quite aggravated.

I ordered some German AMM's and Caucasians on 12/24/2011 as a Christmas present to myself for a May delivery date. They were paid for via Paypal and I received the confirmation stating that the transaction went through. As of today, still havent received the queens, nor have I had any response about them except the generic email that stated 'we are behind, sorry for the delay....' I wouldnt think that the demand for German AMM's would be so great that a company couldnt fill an order that was placed over 7 months ago-a total order of only 4 queens ($173) I also don't understand if there were so many problems with storm damaged yards, that they are still listing all of them as "Available,Pick your ship date, Click Paypal" I'm currently going through the Paypal Resoution process, but not expecting much.