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    Default Russell Apiaries...I'm done with them...

    So here's been my experience that has lead me to say, "I'm done with Russell Apiaries!!"

    1. In April, I emailed them regarding queens. Was told exactly what I needed to do to have them by a certain date.
    2. Ordered April 24th for a May 7 shipping.
    3. 7th came and went.
    4. Emailed on the 11th just to see if they did in fact get shipped. No response.
    5. Emailed on the 21st because I knew I would be traveling June 3-10. Was fearful that they might actually ship that week.
    6. On the 22nd, I got a response that they would mark for to NOT be shipped that week in June and "how bout next week?"
    7. Confirmed that next week would work as long as they were shipped on their customary Monday or Tuesday.
    8. On the 29th, I received an email confirmation via PayPal that my package had been shipped Priority Mail 2-3 day. Note: I'm in Alabama. They are in Mississippi. Any Priority that I have received in the past coming from any connecting state has shipped in 2 days, sometimes even one.
    9. Each day, there has been no update online as to where my package is when using the tracking number.
    10. Stopped by the USPS today to inquire. Was told, that yes, they package my have been confirmed online to have been shipped but, GET THIS, it actually HAS NOT been given to the USPS yet!!!!!

    I may be wrong, and there is a side of me that wants to be...but I really feel lied to. I can take delays. They happen. Since I sell a few nucs each spring, I can understand delays. But in this case, it would appear that I have been, knowingly, not told the truth.

    I made a couple of splits the other day specifically for these queens. I leave for 8 days tomorrow. At this point, I am expecting to return to a couple of SHB slimed nucs that didn't have to be that way if they had just done what they said they would/were doing.

    If it's the case, and it does look to be, then I am DONE with Russell Apiaries...
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