There seems to be at least one poster in this thread that implies that the destruction described by Russell employee(s) to at least one of their buildings and a large 5 frame nuc yard is made up. Well, I saw a large pine tree laying through the middle of his building a few weeks ago ... it certainly seemed real to me. It certainly doesnt help speed things up in the busy spring season.

This is agriculture. Weather slows things down or (in this case) causes damage which can be fixed but it takes a little time. Would you rather they fix the damage or email every time someone asks a question of no consequence (in this twitter, facebook generation (most thoughts and comments really are a waste of most peoples time and doesn't really require a response).

If a business owner or employee takes to time to respond every time a customer writes an email, you would be able to read a book the length of this thread on 20% of your customers. I have some sunkist queens and they are best queens in my apiaries (one other strain I have is just as good, but they are certainly worth having).

Now, the busiest (meaning best) queen breeders arent going to call or email you back in the Springtime... Get it? I'm a commercial beekeeper and you couldnt pay me enough to mass produce quality queens due to the massive amount of time it takes 6 months out the year just to produce the product. There are only so many hours in the day. There is not time to respond to thousands of people every day. Be patient if you ordered. If you havent ordered and aren't the patient type, you probably shouldnt order at all. My $0.02...

Regarding their damage, if they have everything fixed and got back on track with orders, then I am impressed. Remember, I saw the damage AND I dont work for them (and, no, I'm not a Russell).