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    Default Nucs are ready....questions about placement

    Hi all,

    My one lone beehive is doing great so far in Northern California! I bought a couple NUCS and am ready to catch some swarms! (high hopes). I have 2 more beehives ready and waiting for new renters.....

    A house down the road has a major beehive in their fence. I'd like to extract it for them but am very new at this so not sure I am up to the task although it will be easy to get the bees out. The fence is hollow and screwed in. But for now, I am thinking of placing a NUC in the bushes fairly only 10 feet away to lure any possible swarms. My thinking is if the queen swarms out I can then excavate the rest of the hive and move what I can into another hive to create a new queen....then I have 2. Is this a practical idea? Would the NUC be too close? The house is 1-1/2 miles from my house, would the bees just go back home?

    The other NUC I am thinking of putting about 100 feet away from a hive in an oak tree...I found the perfect place. BUT I need to make sure the hive is still alive. We had some idiot set the woods on fire...mostly dead grasses and underbrush burnt but the burnt stopped around 10 feet away from the hive. If they swarmed out because of the fire they would have died. It was in the 60s yesterday and I hiked to the hive and saw no activity. So I want to make sure there is activity first....

    We are having an extremely dry and warm winter here. My hive is pulling in pollen still...I don't think they ever stopped! Soon I will pull off the top feeder (it is full of crystalize sugar I don't think they could even get too) and replace with with just a top....I don't think I need to feed them anymore. I am excited to start my first real season as a bee keeper!

    Any and all suggestions are welcomed and thank you! Kimberly

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    Default Re: Nucs are ready....questions about placement

    CaBees Contact me, and I will send you instructions, How to get them and the queen. No charge for any of this.



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