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    Default Re: Fair terms for bee and queen orders

    From what I have seen suppliers are not dependable to deliver what was paid for. I cannot recall once seeing a post here about a customer not paying. I have seen at least two threads, one covering a span of years about suppliers not delivering.
    I have also lived in the reality of what collecting payments is like. I would say a good 50% of customers will receive notification that a product is ready to be shipped and they will delay payment by a week or more. This would never work where bees are concerned.

    My paying for anything up front would have everything to do with the reputation of the supplier.
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    Default Re: Fair terms for bee and queen orders

    Interesting enough thread. The only folks I require a deposit from is what I consider to be large orders. Generally I don't require much money, only enuogh that I feel that person is commited to finish paying me and NOT tie up X number of NUCs I could have sold to other folks.

    Taking all into consideration I like Mikes opinion about the NUCs. If I dont get all my NUCs sold cause someone didnt show up, oh well. I will keep them around or hive them in my operation. Cash is King at pickup time, its what I recommend. I DO NOT accept checks from new customers, and generally require the check to be in hand 10 days prior to pickup.


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