I would be interested in what the folks on here believe are fair terms for bee and queen orders. Personally I think a 10 to 50% deposit should be required upon booking with the balance due upon shipment or pickup. In my mind this deposit should be refundable if the seller fails to meet his delivery date within a specified time frame, certainly no more than 2 weeks. That same deposit would be forfeited to the seller if the buyer reneges on his end of the contract. Cells are a different situation entirely because they are so perishable. I feel a non refundable 50% deposit should be required and the balance due upon delivery. It has been a few years since I have purchased many bees but the better businesses I have dealt with in years past routinely underbook their orders to assure customer satisfaction and to give themselves a cushion to help out some of their most loyal customers when emergencies arise.
Any one else care to share some thoughts or experiences?