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    I live in South Carolina and I am curious as to how to go about finding a bee yard in South Carolina. I understand what to look for in a new yard but I am unsure how to go about locating them. Do I go to Farmers Markets or is there somewhere on the Internet I can look at to find property owners in South Carolina? Would the Court House be a good place to locate some people first? Thanks for any help you could provide.

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    Drive around, pick a spot, find out who owns the property by knocking on neighboring doors. That's how I do it. I have also found yds in SC by eating regularly at diners where local farmers eat too. Get to know the diner owner and learn who the farmers are. Then talk to them about keeping bees on their land. SC is wide open.
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    I have used these GIS maps that some counties have on the internet now. Guess they are mainly for displaying tax records, but its an easy way to indentify a real owner.
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