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    Default Re: Entrance Size and Location for Swarm Trap

    >Can I cut up the foundation to make starter strips?

    It doesn't last as well and can fall out...

    > I can only get so many stir sticks for free from home depot without visiting multiple stores. I am planning on having a LOT of bees this year.

    Buy the Jumbo Craft sticks from a hobby store.
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    Default Re: Entrance Size and Location for Swarm Trap


    Just use a little Elmer's on the foundation strips and let it sit overnight. It won't come out.
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    Default Re: Entrance Size and Location for Swarm Trap

    I agree with Gypsi. We're quietly building up to a fantastic spring here in Texas. There's still much that can go wrong but if the temps stay warm and sporadic rains continue we are going to have a bumper crop of swarms and honey. I'm trying to be ready. I need to start an account on one of the picture sharing sites so I can post pics of the henbit blooming right now and that bluebonnets and clover that are coming up strong. Monday we have a 70% chance of rain followed by a 50% chance on Wednesday. Hope it keeps up.

    Gypsi, a few years back we built a new substation near Burleson and had some bees move into a cardboard box on the site. I had to remove them so the contractor could get the goods out of the box and complete their work. I know there are feral bees in the area. Good luck with your swarm trap there.
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