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    Default Sharing: Beeswax Maintenance Tips

    Hi Guys, I thought we could share our beeswax maintenance tips so everyone can benefit from them.

    My tips below to get it started:

    1. Keep the candle(s) out of a draft to ensure it burns longer and doesn't drip
    2. Refrigerate the candle(s) for an hour or so prior to burning to prolong its life
    3. Keep the wick of your candle trimmed to 4 - 7 mm
    4. Never straighten the wick when it is cold, always wait until the candle is burning and use a non-flammable device to adjust the wick to a central position
    5. Never blow out your candle, the wick should be drowned in its own pool of liquid wax using a pencil or similar device, and then lift out again
    6. Trim the wick before relighting your candle

    Bright Eyes
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