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    Default Advice wanted on Beeyard locating

    I was curious how people find new bee yards. Currently I have bees on my land and a few friends. I've contacted the coordinators for the local farmers markets, but short of ambushing farmers and the local coffee shop.

    Any advice?


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    Default Re: Advice wanted on Beeyard locating

    You could put up a flier at the local copy shop. Probably find people besides farmers who are willing to help you out.

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    Default Re: Advice wanted on Beeyard locating

    I had great luck with


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    Default Re: Advice wanted on Beeyard locating

    Craigslist all the way. Several years ago I posted for "honeybee colony hosts wanted" and was buried in responses (well over a hundred just for the area I wanted to consider). I still have relationships (and outyards) with the best of those respondents. One even purchased and installed a bear fence for me! I offer honey rent and a loaner veil for educational opportunities, and stress the pollination benefits. Be sure you get what you need too: truck access anytime, that the colonies remain yours, a safe location, etc... there were definitely some folks with a great spot that I nonetheless just got a vibe from to not put bees there. You have to also be available; hosts want to know that if there's a problem you'll be available to come (swarms, colony knocked over, etc), that you'll leave gates the way you find them, etc.
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    Default Re: Advice wanted on Beeyard locating

    With the tremendous decline in bee pasture I would 1st do a " go for a drive " as we call it.
    We have over the years had calls from people & beg for bees to be put on there property.
    And after a little investigation of were these people want the bees we try to drive a 3 mile radius of there property.
    Any more it seems it becomes a waste of time if there is nothing for the girls to suck on let alone make a living off of.
    Another item to watch for is what type of neighbors do these people have or even have the people check with there neighbors 1st before you place your hives.
    We had one goof ball 300 yards away from the bees become convinced that when his daughters would be driving there bikes on the this paved county road and vere the road 20 plus yards into the orchard, run into the hives, get stung & die he would be a coming after me.
    I felt compeled to educated this person & his wife in a 90 second short course on insurance law.
    Had another gal try to hire another local beek to poison a entire yard of bees as she was upset the bees would drink from there bird bath & upset the birds so much they could not ues it.
    The county sheriff went to visit her with in a few hours after she contacted the 1st beek to do the poisoning.
    He made her talk a walk with him back to the bird bath to have a look & found a few bees that did not bother either him or her.
    Not long after this deal she was made a ward of the state as I recall my dad telling me.

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    Default Re: Advice wanted on Beeyard locating

    Craig's list and simple note cards.

    Here's an example:
    got bees.jpg

    We have different versions depending upon the area that we are trying to move into. They get put up in cafes, bars and grocery stores.
    Most offers for space end up as busts (access issues, other beeks near by, etc.) but some work out really well. At the very least, when somebody calls we get to talk about the bees and maybe gain another customer.
    -Phil Domeier


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