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    Default Re: BeeMax deep quad mini mating nuc and swarm box pics

    Thanks Mbeck..And thanks to those that sent me messages.

    I have used several mating nucs this last year and will submit a post in the near future about assembly, design and size pros and cons, etc. They all worked well, but I have to say the fence hanging mini with 5- half deep frames was the perfect size for a strong mini colony,large enough to stay warm in my cool springtime climate but not so big it was time consuming to find the Queens..and Looking for the queens while standing upright was a blessing for my back. I'll post a pic for those that have not seen them. The window was neat, but I never used it except to take this photos and it was time consuming to add the window.

    The only trouble I had with these was the earwigs liked to congregate between the fence board and the box. They never bothered the bees though, just bothered me.

    I added the disk excluders to have control over robbers if I needed to feed.
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