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    Default BeeMax deep quad mini mating nuc and swarm box pics

    I put this under the queen rearing catagory because of the quad box. No new ideas here, but some that may want to build there own may want to see the assembly.
    They can email me for still photos or questions.


    Burned deep box is for swarm collection. First on the slide show is that box with LOTS of Ventilation for possibly hot and angry bees. Just use a ratchet strap to secure the assembly. Note the bottom board has corners to keep the deep box in place.

    The Dadant hive bodies needed the frame shelf raised quite a bit to use deep frames. I was surprised. I have never heard of them needing that.There is not much info on the internet about them. I installed about a 3/8" wood shim and then the plastic protector that came with them. Otherwise the deep frame hung past the bottom about 1/2 "
    Top feeder or vent holes are screened. To use them as feeders add an empty box over the feeders, then the top. To use as vents just shim the top slightly to allow air flow.
    I am using purchased nuc entrance reducers, but you could keep the 3 1/3" cut out from the feeding holes, drill you own holes for entrance control.

    I looked long and hard at premade styrofoam mini nuc box's and quads, but they were ether not what I wanted or shipping was too much. The Dadant's deep box's were not too bad shipping on 12 deeps was $64.00 and I bought a few extra to sell to help pay for mine.
    They are time consuming to divide and make all the frames, but now that the first one is complete, I can whip through the rest a lot faster. Good projects for winter time. Spring will be here before you know it.
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