I forgot I wanted to tell PatBeek -- Looking at your pics your hive is sitting up on blocks. That is how I had mine but down low just one one row of blocks and a big windstorm came through and blew it off and upside down, knocked all the comb down Yours might be better protected by the fence but anyway fyi if you get storms. I have had suggestions for angled legs, ratchet straps, tiedowns.

@Daniel Y Yeah I hear you about pros and cons. Mine did cross combs and I knocked a comb down. Then the storm! Did you put some wax on the guides? I didn't at first but after the storm I rehung the good ones straight and put the best ones on the outside plus waxed the guides so now they are building new ones straight. Also very new comb seems super soft so I am just gently scooting those bars over and not lifting them out. They have reattached the busted combs and built them bigger, seem more solid. I have had mine about a month after catching a swarm. I was wondering the same thing about maybe making partial frames at the top for extra solid top corners? One one comb they are attaching one side to the wall. I am leaving it alone until they repair the storm mess. I also wonder if it would be better to just leave some of the core brood nest completely alone and just check the outer ones? Anyway I guess we will learn!

@Robherc thanks for telling experience with smoker and syrup. I am almost in over my head catching this swarm! I wasn't planning on bees until next spring but running with it and having fun mostly