First I want to thank everyone who responded to my previous post regarding Bee Weaver Bees. It's good to have some reassurance that the decisions I'm making are reasonable.

My next question is regarding Bottom Boards. I am definitely leaning toward top entrances in my hives (8 frame medium Langstroth), especially here in Texas where we have been having record breaking heat in the summers. (Last year we had over 70 days of weather where it got to be over 1000Fahrenheit (380Celsius). My thinking is that since heat travels upwards, it will be easier for the bees to keep things cool. Of course there are also the advantages of being more resistant to skunks and possums, etc. I am also tending toward screened bottom boards as part of being able to keep track of Varroa and improve circulation. Am I being too concerned about circulation and keeping the heat down? We've had a mild winter so far (though thankfully with more rain than in the past several years). If I have a screened bottom board, should I have the hives on a stand that is pretty open below the hives?

My bees will arrive April 7. By that time we will probably be having days regularly in the 80's and some 90's. I am wanting to do minimal feeding as there should already be an abundance of things in flower. Should I plan on doing just a small amount of feeding to get them started? Perhaps using the baggie method on top of the frames?

Thanks in advance,