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    Default Dan Rather report, has no effect?

    It has been a while since Dan Rather put this report out, since then Purdue University came out with their report, what will it take for the EPA to get off their butts and do something? One guy from big Pharma says these pesticides are important so we (USA)can feed the planet, we are the ones feeding the planet, when we don't have food because the bees died off- then who will feed the ones that cant feed themselves?
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    Default Re: Dan Rather report, has no effect?

    Despite the attention that this is getting the general public says they are worried but there will be no call to action. They do not and will not care until it is to late and we have no more bees left. I hate to say it but unless it directly effects them not in a indirect manner like they percieve now nothing will change. There is so much money being made on our backs in corn and beans that we are not even on the radar.


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