Occasionally I return to the Treatment Free thread just to see what's going on. In response to a posting by Oldtimer and question by Michael bush on the Small Cell/Natural Cell (didn't read the whole thread) thread re: those who were treatment free but now advocate treatments...

I'm one who has been treatment free since 2005, when I reentered beekeeping. Still treatment free for mites. I plan to update the blog this spring, after I know what my overwintered losses are.

Oldtimer wondered why some people, perhaps like me, quit posting on Treatment Free, and if we've gone over to "the other side." M. Bush suggested it was because we got tired of the constant debate. Well, I can only speak for myself. I quit entering into the treatment free discussion because for me, it had degenerated into nitpicking....arguing about what constitutes a treatment, and what doesn't. Is sugar syrup a treatment or not? I just didn't feel like playing that game any more.

I've had losses to starvation, shb, absconding, queen issues, ppm, but not to mites. fwiw. And I still don't treat.