Despite the lack of National support, I decided this was too important an issue to let them deny us.....

I decided I would run a merit badge project, even if we cannot award the badge.....
I approached our scouting leaders, and got their support to run the project, I also became an assistant scoutmaster (had planned to anyway)
I held an information session at my hives in Fall, to show everyone what we will do, and how to work a hive.

I approached the priest at our scouting hall for a local location but despite trying to educate him (a 8 page booklet/presentation which I doubt he even looked at) , he refused to allow them on church property ( we have 3 acres not used) , so looked to a local farmer who has given us space a mile away, and convenient to me.

Some boys and I did a display of beekeeping at our Central Carolina Fair, and we won $100 towards the project.

I took the old 1983 Bee Keeping Merit Badge book and have rewritten it, rewriting the pests and meds sections completely, and updating the rest, keeping the gist of the book the same as before. One of our Master Beekeepers is proof reading for me. Anyone who wishes to run a Scout project is welcome to a copy when done.

I approached our bee club for mentors

I approached all the suppliers I have used for my bee equipment and 3 of 4 replied and donated to the project

one of our local breeders is an Eagle scout and has offered a nuc or pkg of bees (*will know more in march)

I created a blog to run, organize and record our progress

We will do all the Merit Badge requirements and record this information..

We have 8 boys, 5 scouters (incl me), and 4 parents involved
We were given:
1x 8 Frame hive with 3 supers and frames, bottom board inner and out covers
1x 10 frame hive ,1 deep and 2 supers, plus all frames and foundation, plus bottom board, and covers and entrance reducer, PLUS 6x veils
1x smoker
2x hive tools
some meds and 3 hive items from a Beek who no longer keeps bees but had them left over and had been a scout.

Lastly, this last week, I presented to local council, was warmly received and offered up that any scout in our district is welcome to join us.

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