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    Default Yellow Jacket Traps in Piedmont NC/SC area

    Has anybody had experience when the best time to set out Yellow Jacket traps to get the queens before they muliply?

    I live in Piedmont area weather has been fair 50s and 60's.



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    Default Re: Yellow Jacket Traps in Piedmont NC/SC area

    It's been like that here in east TN. Going to be around 60 today. Nobody knows for sure, but I'd wager we still have some freezing temperatures ahead of us in the next month or so. I'm thinking March.
    Greg Whitehead, Ten Mile, TN
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    Default Re: Yellow Jacket Traps in Piedmont NC/SC area

    I have had mine out for some time and am catching lots of yellow jackets as well as a lot of other bugs.So far,I have seen wax moths,houseflies,bluebottle flies and a jillion gnats.I have been looking for shb but so far none of those have shown up in the traps.I am using the two liter pop bottle traps that someone posted here a while back.Mine catch so many insects that I have to empty them every couple of weeks.I love it when something works and is both easy and practically free.


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