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    Default First Almond blossoms "open" 01.20.2012

    Well guys and girls are you ready to rumble? THE BLOOM IS ON for 2012.

    Quite a few bees already placed fairly early as the ground has been extremely dry until yesterday. Looks like about 25%-30% in so far from Sacramento northward. This garnered from perusing the fields on the way to the queen breeders meeting last Wednesday.

    Driving to feed bees in the Bay area today and passed by my "indicator" tree. I haven't driven past it for a couple of days so not sure exactly when it opened . The first blooms are nice and pink. Looks like enough are open I missed "opening day" by a day or two. Last year the "open" date was January 26, 2011


    If I call the "indicator bloom" for 2012 as opening yesterday looks like its shining 6 days ahead of last year.

    As I pointed out last year this tree has been 14-16 days ahead of the regular bloom for 20 years.

    If I was to make an "educated" guess at this point I think we will be looking at about 17 to 20 days before the "start" this year though.

    Warm early January kicked things in gear this year. No Rain for a month + with mid January days very nice but nights pretty cool. Early buds pushed but the rest kind of stalled from the frigid weather.

    Hope to post some photos tomorrow and follow up this post in the coming weeks with the "open" dates for all the varieties we grow.
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