Dnichols: If wax is a major objective, yes you will get less. The cappings in the sludge plus burr comb, once rendered in a solar wax melter, filtered through a paper towl, are sufficent for me to add an additional coat of bees wax on plastic frames/foundation with a sponge type paint roller from a double boiler arrangement.

Crofter: I use a mix of wooden frames with wax foundation, plastic foundation (with an additional coat of my own beeswax), and Pierco all plastic frames also coated with my own bees wax. I have not had a problem with the heat gun being too hot for any of the pastic. However, keep in mind that it is a matter of technique, which one must learn, sometimes the hard way.

All frames from the extraction the other day are now back on the hives for bee cleanup. Above the bulk of the hive I have: the inner cover, a completely empty medium super, a medium super full of 10 recently extracted frames, and then the outer cover. The theory is, that if left in that sequence for 7-10 days the bees will clean up and move downward into the main hive all of the residual honey from the recently extracted frames. The repair of any damage to the cells is an additional step which I will take at a leter time.

Bear Creek Steve