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    Default Sqaushed me some yellow jacket or wasp queens..

    Was out re-arranging my workshop (a roof and 1 wall, so it's open) and was shifting around my beek equipment. I use burlap bags for my smoker fuel, and started to move them around. Low and behold I come to find out they are are full of yellow jacket queens! I squished more then a dozen. Glad it was cold for them, they hardly could move. Gave me a jump though! I did find it odd that they looked a bit red, but it was late, I was using shop lights... They sure looked big and plump. Vitogelin(sp?) for the winter?
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    Default Re: Sqaushed me some yellow jacket or wasp queens..

    Your saving yourself allot of headaches this summer!
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    Default Re: Sqaushed me some yellow jacket or wasp queens..

    If they were redish I wonder if they were European hornets? If this link works it's a good picture. . . Regardless I would be extatic to get rid of them too!!!! Either way it's a blessing for sure to be able to get them. If they were / are hornets then it's more of a blessing IMO.


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