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    Default Too early to checkerboard?

    Here in Nashville the weather forecast is for 66 degrees and sunny this coming Sunday, Jan. 22. Would it be too early to checkerboard? I think the recommended time is probably mid February here, but would it hurt to take advantage of a perfect day?

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    Default Re: Too early to checkerboard?

    That nice really? Sounds like a great day to plan a day hike - thanks for pointing out the forecast. Haven't been to Savage Gulf in a while... Don't know about CBing - probably too early though.

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    Default Re: Too early to checkerboard?

    In this area, don't think you can do it too early. In the first season test of the concept, it was done over the Christmas holidays - was home for Christmas. With alternate frames of honey overhead, all spaces in the broodnest have honey in reach almost directly overhead. One side or the other.


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