I'm looking for suggestions on bee's feed during these winter months. I live in Central Maryland and the winter so far has had a fair share of warm days (60degrees) and cold days like today ( 30 degrees) I put fondant patties in the hives about mid November. Upon checking yesterday, one hive had failed on me- too small of a cluster, and they had spread themselves about the hive. They left most of the fondant untouched- had vast amounts of untouched pollen as well. Other hive's cluster looked as if it had grown in size (yahooo!) Fondant seems interesting to them. I removed pollen from failed hive and put into other hive. The bee's took to it right away. Any suggestions as another form of feed? Its my first year beekeeping, and I've had just about everything possible (short of a meteor falling on the hives) happen to me this year. I'd obviously like to see my one and only hive make it- Thanks preemptively for the help! Here are some pics of what I did yesterday in the nice weather.....

Glory Downs Farm
Gaithersburg, MD