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Scrapfe: I haven't heard of spraying on the scale you describe up here but your point is one I have been trying to make for some time...
Cotton is the #1 value added crop in American agriculture.

jim, unlike corn, wheat or soybeans, cotton has no insect enemies. It seems that every insect LOVES cotton, eating cotton that is.
A partial list is: boll weevils, pink boll worms, boll worms (the same species as the corn ear worm)
tobacco bud worm, thrips, two spotted spider mites, cabbage leaf lopper, banded wing white flies, tarnished plant bugs, cut worms and a platoon of army worms. Some times an insecticide that controls one pest causes a population explosion in another because beneficial insects are killed.

Also remember that cotton is a perennial and if cotton is grown in areas without a killing frost and provided with enough water, cotton will grow into a large shrub or a small tree. To the insect world this makes a stalk of cotton the 401k or trust fund plant of American agricultural.

Here is a chart that shows a 1,000% or higher insecticide use on Alabama cotton verses cotton grown in some other places.
Here is an example of how Bt cotton and the boll weevil eradication program (using pesticides in a smart way) has benefited bees. Bt corn has done the same thing.
the above link should be read by everyone regardless of your views on pesticides.