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    Question cbennett

    What is a good way to feed extracted honey to bees. I have about four hives that have ate up most of their store and I'm afraid there going to starve if I don't give them some honey. I have bakers sugar on a news paper on top of the frames and there eating that, but I don't think that's enough.

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    Some guy does as follows. (For comments, please see its page on YouTube)

    There should be other techniques as well. (Can placing a plate full of extracted honey on top bars/inner cover be a solution?) I'm almost sure that there are related threads on this forum (there are many friends who prefer more natural ways to keep bees, so some of them feed honey I believe), but its a little bit hard to search because its not easy to coin unique keywords for it. Yet, it can be done!

    Edit I: I found two threads which might be useful: Here and here

    Edit II: Seems that a similar thread is started as well
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