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    Default Cranberries. Anyone fed during?

    We've been moving ALL of our hives to cranberries for the last 8 yrs...with different amounts of success. I know that strong bees in; means strong bees out. I know that feeding pollen sub makes an huge difference. I know that on bigs farms (ie: 1300 hives at 3.5/acre) the bees do way worse than small farms.

    But what I don't know is, does feeding sucrose during crans make them come out awesome? I'd feed them in frame feeders at the same time as feeding pollen sub. Should be great right? Anyone done this?

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    Default Re: Cranberries. Anyone fed during?

    We always feeds during cranberry pollination. Typically bees go in with around 8 frames of brood. If you don't feed when we leave about5-6 weeks later we are down to brood on 2-3 frames. So we keep feeding them , that way should we go for thew last of the honey flow further North the bees are in pretty good shape. Not as good as a goo honey flow, certainly more expensive but over all the bees are good. If we don't go North for honeyflow, then we split the hives at home and keep feeding them to get them ready for winter. You can't really go wrong by feeding bees.



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