Hey y'all,
The good folks at my local sustainability farmette are interested in an observation hive, but none of the current structures really have a good place for it. I have other colonies at the site. I teach new-beek classes there, and a LOT of the folks who come through there would really be interested an observation hive. It's close to my house so I could easily manage the colony. I see the design for Bonterra's outdoor double-wide has been finalized and gone to production but I haven't seen one or heard any reports.

Anyone had trials/successes with outdoor OBs in moderate cold-weather climates? My area's dead-o-winter lows average about 15F, with VERY occasional spikes down to single digits. Cold, I know. Hot dry summers. Overwintering it in an unheated shed isn't out of the question for me, but I'd appreciate anyone's experience they would share especially from similarly cold climates.