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    Lightbulb Pyramiding Up - Partial Checkerboarding for newbeeks?

    Hi Guys,

    I've seen a number of people new to beekeeping asking how can they Checkerboard when they have little drawn comb.
    Can "Pyramiding Up" be used like partial Checkerboarding when you don't touch the broodnest?

    ie: Moving frames from the sides of lower boxes to a new top box and Checkerboarding those. (Then doing the same again, when the next super is due to be added.)

    Here's an example with a hive that is wintered with two boxes using a Detailed Frame Notation (to keep track of where frames moved to, and show details of the frame).
    What do you think? Also, is the brood structure what you would see in late winter?

    Hive late winter:

    Y0(H/H) | Y1(H/C) | Y2(H/B) | Y3(H/B) | Y4(B/H) | Y5(B/H) | Y6(H/B) | Y7(H/B) | Y8(H/C) | Y9(H/H)
    Z0(C/C) | Z1(C/P) | Z2(B/C) | Z3(B/C) | Z4(B/C) | Z5(B/C) | Z6(B/C) | Z7(B/C) | Z8(C/P) | Z9(C/C)

    After Pyramiding Up:

    X0(E/E) | X1(E/E) | X2(E/E) | Y0(H/H) | Z0(C/C) | X5(E/E) | Z9(C/C) | Y9(H/H) | X8(E/E) | X9(E/E)
    X3(E/E) | Y1(H/C) | Y2(H/B) | Y3(H/B) | Y4(B/H) | Y5(B/H) | Y6(H/B) | Y7(H/B) | Y8(H/C) | X6(E/E)
    X4(E/E) | Z1(C/C) | Z2(B/C) | Z3(B/C) | Z4(B/C) | Z5(B/C) | Z6(B/C) | Z7(B/C) | Z8(C/C) | X7(E/E)

    Z is the bottom hive body, Y is the second hive body and X is the third hive body (X added when Pyramiding up).
    0 is the left most frame and 9 is the right most frame (Ten frame hive body.)
    (H/C) means the frame is MOSTLY Honey with SOME empty Comb. (Assume Honey is along the top of a frame)

    H - Honey
    B - Brood
    C - Empty Comb
    E - Empty Frame (Foundation or Foundationless)
    P - Pollen
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