My dad has a friend who wants to buy some of my honey for resale. I sold some to him before and there was a lot of confusion in my mind that created a lot of tension in the family, and I don't want a repeat of that. But I think it's happening again.

He was re-selling the honey in quart jars, which I thought would come out to two pounds. Later, after I pre-poured the honey into the quart jars, I realized that there was more than two pounds by weight in there. I didn't raise a stink about that since that was on me. But in subsequent deals, I want it made clear that I am selling by the pound. I would like to charge him $3.50-4.50/lb. Does that seem fair? He could mark it up to $5.00/lb and make about a 50 percent profit. I don't want to come across as the bad guy here, which is the way it was going the last time I discussed this with my dad.

I thought the industry standard was to sell by weight, correct? Am I doing something wrong here? I really don't want a repeat of all the tension over what should be a nice Christmas holiday. I just want to make a fair deal and have everyone understand what amount is being sold here at what price. Win/win for everyone.

One problem seems to be my dad's insistence on getting a quote from me in quarts even though I left him a note quoting my proposed price in lbs., he again mentioned quarts right after I wrote that! The guy can sell in whatever units he likes, that's his concern - I would like to sell by the pound. So am I right in doing that or am I the devil? lol