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    Default Swarm Lure

    HBH is made with lemongrass and spearmint because bees enjoy these smells.

    Would it be a good idea to add a trace of spearmint to your lure?

    Has anyone tried HBH or homemade version without sugar for a swam lure?

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    Default Re: Swarm Lure

    Lemongrass oil smells like Nasonov. Peppermint does not. It will only distract...
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    Default Re: Swarm Lure

    I have not tried HBH for swarm lures. But here is a product that works real well. I use about 2 tsps on a folded paper towel, then I stick the paper towel in a sandwich-size, zipper-lock kind of plastic bag. The smell slowly releases and lasts until you catch a swarm. Swarms usually start to shred the bag. I lay the bag on top of the top bars in my box-style swarm traps.

    From Great Lakes Integrated Pest Management:

    Great Lakes also sells a commercial swarm lure for honey bees: look for lure #SC-L311

    And here is something new:

    I also advocate at least one frame of old black comb and if your trap has been successful in catching a swarm, leave all the propolis in it. Used traps smell like home to a scout bee.

    This isn't exactly what you asked for, but I don't think HBH would be the best lure.

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    Default Re: Swarm Lure

    I say keep it simple. Just a little lemongrass.


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