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    Default Laughlands Jamaica Queen Rearing

    I was invited to Laughlands, St. Ann, Jamaica to teach current beekeeping practices and queen rearing. Laughland is centered on the North coast.
    William Masterton met me at the Montego Bay airport for the drive to the farm. Wednesday, the next day, was the first day of training. William and Tom Hall were eager and ready to learn.
    Most of Williams hives are a few feet from the farmhouse.
    They have hives near the shore.
    These two hives were feral colonies the beginning of October.
    It rained Wednesday but we had work to do. The bees were not happy after being opened twice in the rain and twice the next two days. By Friday most of the hives were quite defensive. William and Tom set up a starter hive. We pulled two frames of brood for grafting larvae.
    Tom practiced grafting a cell bar.
    William grafting under the watchful eye of Tom.
    Patrick joined the training Thursday. We are getting Patrick a frame to practice grafting.
    Tony and Rose Marie Allen joined the training Friday.
    I pulled a frame of brood for Tony and Rose Marie.
    We added the Allen's frame to the cell frame under Patrick's and put them back in the finisher hive.
    We did queen rearing in the morning and FABIS in the evening. There is plenty of further opportunity to return and continue teaching.
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