We had our first nuc deadout. This nuc was started from a swarm we caught Sept 19th. We put the small swarm in a 5 five frame nuc, and added a frame of honey and a partially drawn out frame of comb. The swarm drew out their own comb on a foundationless frame and setup shop so to speak on that frame. We did see the queen, and we saw eggs. When I cleaned the nuc yesterday, I found eggs, but no capped brood.

It appears they starved, even though they had plenty of honey on frames we put in. And, they had Dadant Winter Patties on top. We have had some cool nights into the high 20's but the daytime temps have been in the 40's and 50's. I could understand if we had a severe cold snap, and they couldn't move to get to food, but we have had very mild weather. Any ideas on why they would starve with food so close and mild temps?