Did you contact them about the mistake beecurious? I haven't known of them to not make a mistake right when they know about it.

I haven't confirmed this but I have also heard that they didn't make the top bars different also which will cause issues with beespace if all they did is thin down the end bars. I also will be cutting them down also. 1/32" on each side works well. I just ripped them on the table saw, however you can also rout them after they're assembled using the fence and a straight bit. I haven't tried it yet with the router, but I may because I think it may be safer and easier / quicker. If anyone has recieved anyof the frames from Kelly's please report it here so we all can know. Thank-you. (I wanted to order some,but due to financial reasons and "needs vs. wants" I haven't yet. Perhaps in the spring or after tax return we'll have to see.)