First off let me say that I'm not in any way affiliated with Kelly's. (other than being a customer) I e-mailed them today asking if they'd consider making 1-1/4 wide frames and they said that they would consider it if there was enough positive feedback. I know that many of you cut your frames down to 1-1/4 wide.
So the first question is why cut them down? The best reason that I have found is that the spacing is more what they'd naturally draw worker cell to. It will allow for 11 frames in a 10 frame box or 9 frames in a 8 frame box. I recently read a post that Michael bush linked his site to that speaks much better than I would / can to reasons for having the frames 1-1/4" instead of 1-3/8". Here's the link to his site. . .

So here's the thing. Kelly's is open to considering making them and may ask people in their montly news letter in February to see if people are interested. I thought I'd try to help them with it. (I'd like them to sell them so I don't have to cut them down) What I'd encourage Kelly's to do is to cut the top bars down 1/16" on each side and the end bars also 1/16 on each side so that the end result is the bee space will be the same as it is now and the frames would be 1-1/4" on center. Would you all be interested in this? Do you see any problems with this? Would you be willing to e-mail them or post here and let us know? If you'd like to e-mail Jane there at Kelly's and give her a little feed back I'd appreciate it. Her e-mail is Perhaps put "frame spacing" or "1-1/4 frames" in the subject box or something like that.
Some things to know is they may put some pertinent info in the Feb. news letter (It's free and comes out about every month) and unfortunately I don't get anything from doing this other than the hope of being able to buy 1-1/4" wide frames that I want.